Party member, a professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and a Master and Ph.d supervisor and enjoys special national allowance. Since returning to China from Japan in 1988, Prof. Jiang Bo, as the project and technology leader, has presided over and completed more than 100 projects, e.g. key scientific and technological projects of the National "8th Five-Year Plan", "9th Five-Year Plan", "10th Five-Year Plan", "11th Five-Year Plan Period" and "12th Five-Year Plan" Programs, key projects of national production-study-and-research program and vertical projects of provincial and ministerial levels; researched and successfully developed more than sixty special novel polymer processing machines, e.g. same-direction parallel twin-screw extruder, tandem abrasive-disc screw extruder, reciprocating mobile screw extruder, melting-body gear pump extruder, composite co-extrusion molding machine, new-type rubber cold feed venting extruder, pin extrusion molding machine and FIFO rubber high-efficiency and energy-saving injection machine, etc.