Localization of PWR primary pump seal
Significance of the project:
The current installed capacity of nuclear power plants is 7,300,000 KW, and it will reach 40,000,000 KW by 2020. China has listed independent R&D of advanced PWR nuclear power plants and high-temperature air-cooled reactor nuclear power plants as one of the major projects of the "11th Five-Year Plan" science and technology development plan. However, the primary pump seals of all domestic power plants are imported from other countries, and the key technology of primary pump seal has been dominated by a few large-sized foreign seal companies. This laboratory joined hands with Tsinghua University, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute and Shenyang Pump Factory to carry out technical research on seal of main coolant pump of PWR nuclear power plant.
Main jobs:
Study, analyze and map the seals of various existing primary pumps, and carry out theoretic analysis and calculation of various primary pump seals, and establish a primary pump seal test-bed to facilitate imitation and testing of existing primary pump seals. Based on imbibing the existing technology, design and develop nuclear primary pump seal with independent intellectual property rights.