First-level discipline : Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (0807)
  • 1986: awarded with rights to confer master degrees
  • 1990: awarded with rights to confer doctoral degrees
  • 1992: named as a key discipline of Ministry of Chemical Industry
  • 2002: named as a key discipline of Beijing Municipality
  • 2007: named as a national key discipline
  • 2007: approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to set up a post-doctoral mobile station

Main research fields
  • Chemical equipment system diagnosis and self-recovery engineering
  • Superpolymer processing and molding theory and equipment
  • High-effect mixing reactor technology and equipment
  • Petrochemical machinery design, performance enhancement and life extending technology
  • Chemical process and equipment monitoring and optimization
  • Process equipment corrosion control technology

Relevant scientific research platforms 

  • National basic research laboratory for failure prevention and monitoring of hazardous chemicals production system
  • National engineering laboratory for tire design and manufacturing process
  • Key laboratory of Beijing Municipality for new polymer preparation and processing
  • High-end mechanical equipment health monitoring and key laboratory of Beijing Municipality
  • Engineering research center of chemical safety education department
  • Engineering research center of polymer processing equipment education department

    Relevant postgraduate programs
    Doctoral programs: • Chemical Process Equipment • Mechanical Design and Theory
    Master programs: • Chemical Process Equipment • Mechanical Design and Theory
    • Mechatronic Engineering • Engineering Mechanics
    • Fluid Machinery Engineering • Safety Engineering