Innovation Team of Advanced Polymer Processing headed by Prof. Yang Weimin, Distinguished Professor of "New Yangtze River Scholar Incentive Program" of Ministry of Education, is a research team with reasonable composition, strong innovative capability and a great development potential.
       The innovation team endeavors to construct national key disciplines of "Chemical Process Machinery" and "Materials Processing Engineering" and key discipline of Beijing Municipality - "Mechanical Design and Theory", by relying on the national key laboratory for "organic-inorganic composite materials", the national engineering laboratory for "tire design and manufacturing technology", and the "chemical process machinery" engineering research center of Ministry of Education in the College. Meanwhile, focusing on the state's demands of the major strategic rising industries, i.e. "high-end equipment manufacturing" and "new materials", the team carries out in-depth research on the polymer precision molding theory and equipment, key equipment for polymer material processing and molding and equipment for polymer processing and molding micro-nano manufacturing, etc.
Philosophy of the Team
       Integrating the world's great achievements, cultivating Chinese talents; creating miracles, making great wonders.

National Engineering Laboratory
National Engineering Laboratory for Tire Design and Manufacturing Process
Time of approval:  In 2011, Approved by: National Development and Reform Commission

       The main purpose of National Engineering Laboratory for Tire Design and Manufacturing Process is to establish a complete R&D system integrating tire design - manufacturing process - test equipped with advanced R&D testing facilities and focusing on "tire performance dynamic simulation design theory"; cultivate an innovative team with advanced level in the industry and with a reasonable structure; establish a long-effective production, study and research mechanism; and become an effective channel for industrialization of applied research achievements, an important source of independent innovation of industrial technology and a supporting platform to improve the industrial innovation capability; bring into play the advantages in production, study and research of the tire sector to carry out synergistic innovation, and carry out large-scale joint research focusing on significant projects required by the state.