Proposed by Prof. Gao Jinji, an equipment diagnosis engineering expert and an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Diagnosis and Self-Recovery Engineering Research Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (hereinafter referred to as "DSE Center") was established in July 2001 under the support of the "211 Program" of Ministry of Education. Taking the disciplinary advantages of mechanical electronics and information engineering, DSE Center combines with the frontline of engineering under the systematic and scientific guidance, integrates comprehensively and innovates boldly, and has achieved many significant scientific research results. In 2006, it established the Engineering Research Center of Chemical Safety Education Department, the Basic Research Laboratory for Hazardous Chemicals Production Process Fault Prevention and Monitoring of State Administration of Work Safety, and established China Petroleum Refining Equipment Fault Remote Diagnosis (Beijing) Center. In 2011, it was approved to establish a high-end equipment health monitoring and self-healing laboratory in Beijing.
      Based on the informationization and intelligence of process equipment monitoring, diagnosis, maintenance and safety control in petrechemical, electric power and metallurgy industries, DSE Center endeavors to build itself into a top-notch domestic safety science and monitoring center and an internationally recognized base for theoretical research of diagnosis and self-healing engineering, for production, study and research, and as well as for cultivating advanced professional talents.