College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Welcomed Alumni for the 10th Anniversary of Graduation

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  On October 26, 2019, the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering celebrated the alumni homecoming for the 10th anniversary of graduation. The alumni from all over the country, after 10 years of graduation, gathered together at the alma mater to talk with their teachers in the past, enhance friendship, share life stories and expectations for the future and celebrate the 10th anniversary of graduation.

  At 10:30 in the morning, the Alumni Homecoming for the 10th Anniversary of Graduation Symposium was held in Room 408 of the Mechanical Building. Mr. Bing Zhang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Mr. Feng Wang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Xiuqing Ma, Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, attended the meeting. Mr. Feng Wang presided over the meeting.

  Before the symposium, the organizer played the series promotional video of "Beihua Memory" for the returning alumni. Watching the promotional video and seeing the scenes of the former campus made all alumni recall their memories of happy time back in school.

  At the beginning of the symposium, Mr. Feng Wang gave an opening speech to welcome all returning alumni and briefly introduced the schedule of the symposium.

  On behalf of the College, Professor Bing Zhang then introduced the current situation of the College and the development in recent years. Secretary Zhang detailed the development in terms of facilities, personnel training, discipline construction, teachers team building, and scientific research cooperation, and presented the development objectives and concepts for the coming years. He said that, with the increasing number of alumni, the College had established a second-level alumni chapter and the establishment of the alumni chapter would facilitate the communication and links between the alumni and the College. He hoped that the alumni could provide valuable advices and suggestions and further promote the development of alumni associations to better serve the school and the alumni.



  This was followed by Ms. Xiuqing Ma's speech. Ms. Ma is the head of the mechanical department and also the head teacher of the mechanical 0505 class. She warmly welcomed the return of the alumni and expressed her delights in seeing her students making contributions at their jobs. She wished all alumni a bright future for themselves and create a better future for all.



  The next was speech by the alumni representatives. The alumni expressed their supports to the university's efforts in organizing the alumni returning to school, and said that the establishment of alumni association was of great importance to the development of the university and the alumni. They spoke about their experience during the past ten years since graduation, and sincerely expressed their feelings for Beijing University of Chemical Technology, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the teachers and the students. They also expressed great expectations for further exchanges and cooperation. The arena was filled with friendship, joy and applause.



  Mr. Feng Wang concluded the symposium by inviting alumni to return to the Alma mater and the College and expressed that the door will always open to them. He also wished all the alumni good health and good luck!

  The symposium ended with warm applause.