Prof. Weimin Yang

Dean of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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       Phd, Professor, PhD Supervisor, and Distinguished Professor of "New Yangtze River Scholar Incentive Program". He's the leader of polymer materials processing and advanced manufacturing innovation team, and concurrently acting as a member of the editorial board for China Plastics and Plastics. His main research fields include: plastics precision molding and automotive plastics manufacturing; tire optimization design and advanced manufacturing; melt-electrospinning and microfibre manufacturing; energy-saving and environmental application of polymer and green manufacturing, etc. He undertakes more than 30 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects, of which 2 won the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 8 won the provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Awards. He applied for over 180 invention patents (72 of which have been authorized), 6 PCT international patents; published more than 200 papers, of which 52 were indexed by EI, and 29 by SCI; and wrote 8 Chinese and English works, and made more than 30 reports at domestic and overseas academic meetings upon invitation.