Prof. Junbo Zhou

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       PhD, Professor and PhD Supervisor. He mainly engages in the research on the techniques for recovery and application of special fluids, e.g. industrial waste gas, wastewater and waste liquids, and as well as design of various chemical equipment and pressure vessels; research on development and application of hydrogen energy system; research on hydrogen isotope separation technology and testing technology; technology for treatment of three nuclear wastes and technology for complete set of equipment; and technical research of clean energy and equipment design. He published more than 70 papers on domestic and foreign academic journals and over 40 papers in the recent three years, of which 20 articles were collected by SCI and EI, and 4 articles were collected by top journals. He is the winner of 3 awards for provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Progress, the owner of 6 national patents. He won the title of Excellent Inventor in 2002.