Prof. Weimin Wang

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       Weimin Wang, Profesor. His main research field is rotating machinery dynamics and control. He has undertaken more than 2 national projects and over 4 projects of enterprises; published more than 11 papers including Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Effect of Specific Load of Bearing on Centrifugal Compressor Rotordynamic Stability,Rotordynamic Evaluation of Full Scale Rotor on Tilting Pad Bearings with 0.1 and 0.3 Preload,Forward and Backward Mode Excitation of Flexible Rotor Supported by Tilting Pad Bearings: Numerical and Experimental Investigation,Numerical and Experimental Stability Investigation of a Flexible Rotor on Two Different Tilting Pad Bearing Configurations,Experimental investigation on vibration control of rotor-bearing system with active magnetic exciter,Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Controlling for Rotor-to-Stationary Part Rubbing in Rotating Machinery.He also got 2 patents.