Prof. Tingjun Yan

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       PhD, presently a professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, was employed by Shengli Oilfield Petroleum Equipment Technology Institute to serve as an expert of its Expert Committee; evaluation expert of SME Innovation Fund Projects of Ministry of Science and Technology; evaluation expert of the science and technology projects of Henan Province and Hebei Province, and evaluation expert of the innovation talents promotion program of Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2005, he obtained the PhD degree in Beijing University of Chemical Technology. His main research fields include fluid machinery, mechanical calculation of steel structure and safety testing. He has presided over and participated in 5 projects related to CNOOC, 3 projects related to CNPC, and 5 projects related to Sinopec. Moreover, he has also won 7 patents authorized by the state, and published 9 academic papers of all kinds.