Prof. Yajun Zhang

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       PhD, Professor and PhD Supervisor. He's currently the dean of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the director of Polymer Micro-nano Manufacture Center. He is responsible for multiple projects, e.g. the scientific research project of the Ministry of Education of Japan, major funds of Beijing, projects of NEC Company, scientific research projects of Hong Kong L.K. Group, with about RMB 10 million of contractual value. He has published more than 50 high-level academic papers, including America chemical social, Carbon, Applied optical, Small, Advanced Materials, etc., and applied for 12 invention patents, 4 of which have been approved. The Polymer Micro-nano Manufacture Center he undertook to organize and build up is equipped with precision injection, extrusion, rheology and other molding equipment, self-developed micro-printing equipment, and thus has the basic conditions for development work.